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you can send the amount through paytm or netbanking,this amount can be send to phone number 9460524469.if you have any difficulty in using paytm or don't know how to use it call us we will give you alternate option to pay.for more information about payment process you can contact us at 9460524469. we will guide you step by step. to get activation key

on successful payment we issues serial key to you on your mobile number and email id provided during online payment through our payment gateway.note: for any other payment options i.e. paytm, cash deposit, neft, imps etc, you have to contact us on our email with your payment slip/receipt, machine id and contact details. machine id is shown on jr typing tutor serial key asking page.

3. What is the best Software for Hindi Typing

Hindi typing software is a key tool for fast and efficient Hindi typing process. Some of the best Hindi typing software available currently in the market . a2z Typing tutor is one of the most popular Hindi typing software

4. Can I pay through Debit Card or Net Banking

Off course, you can visit buy now page to pay through net banking / debit card/ credit card. To know more about these options call us at +91 - 8005759660

5. How can a2z Typing Tutor helpful typing software for beginners

a2z Typing Tutor is one such platform that will help you Learn Hindi Typing Online and master the skill. You need to have a few things on your end. a2z Typing Tutor is a desktop application. You need to have a PC or Laptop with Windows applications 7,8 or 10 to use this software. Apart from it you just need an internet connection the time you install it or update it.

6. Why learn Typing

Most of us are well-versed in speaking and writing in Hindi. What about typing? Not many of us can type in Hindi at ease. Typing needs understanding, and memorization similar to speaking and writing.

7.What is Hindi Typing Test

Many of the central and state level exams organize skill tests where the candidates have to type a passage in Hindi with accuracy and within the given time frame. Typing In Hindi is a part of many government recruitment procedures, and thus the need to learn the art of Typing In Hindi arises.

8. Why a2z is the best Hindi Typing Tutor

a2z is one of the most trusted Hindi Typing Tutors in India and the software is the same as that used during the typing recruitment exams or at work. A good Hindi Typing Tutor will help you sync with accuracy and speed from the beginning itself, as these are the qualities that make a good typist.

9. Which is the best Hindi Typing Master Software?

The best Hindi typing software is the one that you can learn to type faster with. A2z Hindi typing tutor is the best typing software for typing in Hindi. The software is very easy to install and use. The software is designed to suit all age groups, as well as all levels of experience. It also lets you learn on your own without any supervision. The software is meant to teach a person the correct method of typing. It is also designed to increase the typing speed by using the correct method. This software helps you to improve your typing speed and typing accuracy. You can learn the correct method of typing, and then you can use this method to type Hindi or other languages. A2z Hindi typing tutor is the best software for Hindi typing. Anyone can learn to type Hindi on the computer using this software.

10. Where can I get good Hindi typing software for free

a2z Hindi Typing Tutor is a free Hindi typing software for learning Hindi typing on your PC. It helps you learn Hindi typing on your PC through an interactive typing tutor which improves your Hindi typing speed. It is a freeware Hindi typing tutor for Hindi typing training. This is a freeware Hindi typing software. A2z Hindi typing tutor gives Hindi typing lessons to learn Hindi typing on your computer. It provides you with personalized Hindi typing lessons and interactive exercises. A2z Hindi typing is a Hindi typing tutor which has many lessons and interactive exercises and quizzes. Download it now.

11. What is the popular Hindi typing teaching software?

A2Z Hindi Typing Tutor is an easy-to-use Hindi typing software to help you learn Hindi typing fast. It is a full-fledged Hindi typing tutor that provides user-friendly interface and a lot of features to tutor you! The program is produced in two versions: one is the shareware version, which is completely free to use, and the other is a full version. You can purchase the full version at much lower price than our competitors software. A2Z Hindi Typing Tutor contains many features designed to allow you to quickly learn Hindi typing and improve your typing speed. These features include the following:

12. Which is the best Hindi typing tutor?

If you want to learn Hindi typing and do not have much time to do so, perhaps the most effective way to do so is to have a short introductory course. If you are a beginner and want to learn the Hindi keyboard layout fast, then this course is the right one to take. It isn’t a difficult course to complete, and it is ideal for people who would like to learn the letters in Hindi in the most effective way possible.

13. How do I purchase a2z Typing Tutor software?

Visit our website at and go to the download page. Select the 32-bit or 64-bit option depending on your operating system, and then click on the download button mentioned in the last column of the table. After downloading has been completed, return to our website and go to the Buy Now page, and select the Package that you want to buy. You can send the amount through Paytm or net banking, this amount can be sent to phone number 9460524469. If you have any difficulty in using Paytm or dont know how to use it call us we will give you an alternate option to pay. For more information about the payment process you can contact us at 9460524469. we will guide you step by step

14. How much does KeyBlaze Typing Tutor cost

Hindi typing tutor software a2z typing tutor offers several packages that help you learn Hindi typing. The packages come with different time limits and prices. Our packages 1. Duration:30 days Price:Rs.299 2. Duration:90 days Price:Rs.399 3. Duration:180 days Price:Rs.499 4. Duration:360 days Price:Rs.599

15. More pricing, sales and purchase related questions...

a2z typing tutor is offering our software for free to the first 100 members for one month. This will make it easy for beginners who want to learn Hindi typing. Our packages have been designed so that you can learn in your own time and at your own pace. The a2z typing tutor is the best typing tutor in Hindi language to learn typing. It helps people to learn English language as well as Hindi typing. It also provides each character which is typed as Hindi and English alphabets. It makes easy to recognise typing by showing Hindi character and English alphabets. By using this application we can learn Hindi typing fast. This application is easy to use and can easily made learn typing Hindi.

16. Is a2z typing tutor required Internet Connection ?

No, the a2z typing tutor does not require an Internet connection as previous releases. You can use this software completely offline as a desktop application. When an activation code is required, you can collect the activation code from any online system from your T-Code easily and completely offline once again.

17. Online Hindi Typing Test Keyboard Arrangement

• Always Type with all fingers. • Use both Shift keys to type and always press the Shift key with Baby Finger. •Always use the thumb of one hand to press the Space key.

18. Typing Guidancec

When you re typing, it s important to have good posture and to sit up straight. This will help you avoid neck and back pain, and it will also help you type more accurately. Make sure your hands are in the correct position on the keyboard, and take breaks often to stretch your fingers and wrists. If you start to feel pain, stop typing and rest for a bit.

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